Authentic Mediterranean Fusion

Kabobi Fresh Mediterranean is driven by the desire to showcase traditional dishes of a rich Mediterranean culture. Our time-honored methods of food preparation, coupled with the highest quality ingredients, and a heavy dose of experience in Persian, Arabic, Afghani, and Greek cooking places Kabobi Fresh Mediterranean as the perfect fusion of contemporary eating.

Established in 2015.

Kabobi Fresh Mediterranean stands by a pledge of always using fresh, never frozen ingredients. Additionally, all orders are made with no preservatives or additives.

All of our meats are certified Halal, using an age-old method of preparing animals in the most hygienic and humane manner. Halal meat tastes better, is more tender, is healthier and stays fresh longer.

Our Services

Authentic healthy dishes

Kabobi Fresh Express is all about treating you to the best and most authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Come on in and enjoy our authentic flavors, fresh and healthy dishes, and our second to none hospitality.

Affordable food

At Kabobi Fresh Express, we take pride in making fresh, affordable food, and providing our customers with a friendly atmosphere in which they can enjoy lunch or dinner. The next time you have a craving for great food with a Mediterranean flair, stop by and visit us at Kabobi Fresh Express

Exceptional Hospitality

Kabobi Fresh Express! In Mediterranean culture, hospitality is a fine art. The guest is treated like royalty; the most delectable dishes, the best conversation, all in a warm atmosphere.

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